HSAC Committee Members

Member names and organizations are listed below:

Internal Colorado Department of Public Safety Appointments

  • Executive Director Stan Hilkey, Colorado Department of Public Safety
  • Director Kevin Klein, Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (non-voting member)
  • Chief Matthew Packard, Colorado State Patrol
  • Director Mike Morgan, Division of Fire Prevention and Control

Colorado State Agency Appointments

  • Director Amanda Hettinger, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
  • Deputy Director Brey Hopkins, Department of Military and Veterans Affairs
  • Public Safety Communications Network Manager Peter Bangas, Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
  • Deputy Director Bruce Eisenhauer, Department of Local Affairs
  • Colorado Chief Information Security Officer Ray Yepes, Governor's Office of Information Technology
  • Deputy Director of Operations Bob Fifer, Colorado Department of Transportation

External Agency Representatives

  • Stan Vanderwerf, Colorado Counties Inc. Representative
  • Lori Hodges, Colorado Emergency Management Association Representative
  • Carole Walker, Private Industry Representative
  • Jeremy Schupbach , Colorado Municipal League Representative
  • Matt Mueller, Denver Urban Area Security Initiative Representative
  • Ann Terry, Special Districts Association Representative
  • Ian Anderson, Colorado Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster Representative
  • Nicole Cantrell, Regional Homeland Security Coordinators Representative
  • Don Brockus, Tribal Representative
  • Rich Smith,  County Sheriffs of Colorado Representative
  • Nick Nudell,  Emergency Medical Services Association of Colorado Representative
  • Chief Doug Stephens, Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police Representative
  • Kris Kazian, Colorado State Fire Chiefs Association Representative

Subcommittee Representatives

  • Becky Rouse, Private Sector Subcommittee Chair
  • Dave Hayes, Public Safety Communications Subcommittee Chair
  • Mike Willis, CEPC Subcommittee Chair
  • Ben Edelen, Cybersecurity Subcommittee Chair
  • Kevin McElyea, Information Sharing Subcommittee Chair
  • Amanda Hettinger, AFN Subcommittee Chair