Colorado All-Hazards Resource Database

The Colorado All-Hazards Resource Database is statutorily mandated in CRS 24-33.5-705.3, this database is housed in WebEOC and accessible to all governmental jurisdictions. 

The equipment data contained in the system is divided into two different processes:

  • CRRF tab shares resources list of equipment owned by governmental agencies and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) that offer equipment for deployment upon request. This process has specific required information and a fixed cost agreement for the equipment. Equipment rates are determined by the resource kind, and type and reflects the appropriate equipment rate schedule set by various organizations: FEMA, DHSEM, and DFPC. 
  • Non-vetted tab shares a list of equipment, services and contact information tab is general in nature and have not been pre-arranged in a contractual type way. Engagement of these resources is in a just in time method with terms being established by the requestor and assisting partner at the time of engagement.