Our Vision

A prepared, safe and resilient Colorado!


Our Vision statement

Our Mission

To lead and support Colorado’s effort to prevent, protect, mitigate, respond to and recover from all-hazards events.


Our Mission statement

Our Core Values

The members of DHSEM believe in six core values that drive us to success:

SERVICE by exceeding expectations,

TEAMWORK by a unity of effort inspiring collaboration, confidence and trust,

RESPECT by treating everyone with dignity, courtesy and professionalism,

INTEGRITY by upholding the highest ethical standards,

VISION by anticipating and being proactive, and

EXCELLENCE in all we do!

Division Strategic Plan

2019-2021 Colorado DHSEM Strategic Plan


DHSEM Strategic Plan Dashboard

To view the progress of our team as they work on the objectives outlined in the plan, please see the dashboard below:

History of Division

Pursuant to House Bill12-1283, the former Division of Emergency Management moved from the Department of Local Affairs to the newly created Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management under the Colorado Department of Public Safety, effective July 1, 2012. The division is now comprised of three offices:

DHSEM Division Level Organization Chart