EOC Task Books

This document serves as the qualifications guideline for Emergency Operations Center positions on All-Hazard Incidents and planned events. This qualifications system is not meant to replace or supersede current ICS Task Book programs or the PMS 310-1 standards set by NWCG. This new system specifically provides guidance and implements the State of Colorado All-Hazards EOC-related standards and qualifications program.


  • Establish minimum agency training and qualification standards for EOC resource assignments
  • Parallel the process developed for Colorado Type 3 IMT qualification system.
  • Hold to a minimum required training and allow for the development of skills and knowledge outside of the formal classroom environment
  • Eliminate redundancy, unnecessary positions and requirements
  • Develop qualification and performance standards for EOCs throughout the State of Colorado
  • Provide guidance and standards which local jurisdictions may choose to adopt for use within their own EOC’s


With the publication of this edition of these guidelines, the standards established in this guide are to be met by all participating agencies and organizations that choose to certify individuals within the Colorado System. No local agency is required to use these standards or qualifications to manage their own local incidents.  The EOC position task books are intended to reflect core competencies, not job titles; agencies may use different titles and structures for critical positions. 

Certification Process

Task Book Resources