SEOC Operations


This section within the office is responsible for the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) and coordination with state and federal agencies in support of local jurisdictions during emergency or disaster situations and for special events. The Operations Section also includes:

  • Communications
  • Resource Mobilization
  • State Emergency Operations Planning
  • SEOC Exercises
  • Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC)
  • SEOC Systems

Activation of the State Emergency Operations Center

  1. Initial request for activation could be from any Emergency Support Function (ESF), state agency, county, local or tribal jurisdiction.
  2. Operations Section Chief or delegate will communicate with requesting jurisdiction / agency and evaluate to determine if the request meets activation complexity requiring state assistance.
  3. Emergency Operations Center Manager, in consultation with the Operations Section Chief, will make recommendations to Emergency Management Director for the appropriate activation level.
  4. Notification of the SEOC activation and level will be communicated to DHSEM staff, ESF's, federal and state partners via phone calls, text messages, email, WebEOC, and any other means necessary depending upon the activation level.

State Emergency Operations Center Activation Levels

Includes the following positions, sections and agencies activated at each level. The State EOC activation guidelines and Emergency Support Function information is included in the Colorado State Emergency Operations Plan

Level IV

Routine operations and activities, including ongoing statewide coordination and information integration. Core team members are available at any time or location to provide support to local jurisdictions. Operational readiness is maintained through monitoring and assessing potential threats and hazards.

Level III

A situation or threat has been identified that requires enhanced monitoring and coordination. The SEOC will be initially staffed using available DHSEM personnel. Select state agencies (for example: CDPHE, CDPS, DMVA, CDOT) are notified they may be needed to report to the SEOC.

Level II

Identified situation or threat requires coordination with one or more additional state agencies. DHSEM Command and General Staff will occupy positions in the SEOC in addition to representatives from one or more state agencies and/or non-governmental organizations. Notification is made to all remaining state agencies and other support organizations to be on standby for activation.

Level I

Full activation of the SEOC and/or a federal Joint Field Office has been established, with representatives from lead and supporting state departments, federal agencies and other supporting organizations.
Photo from State EOC