Multi-Agency Coordination Center

Colorado MACC

Colorado's Multi-Agency Coordination Center (MACC) offers the ability for State, federal, and local agencies to come together in a central location to coordinate the response to emergencies and disasters throughout the State. The Colorado State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) is a key component of the MACC.

The SEOC is a state-of-the-art facility developed specifically to help Colorado respond to any type of hazard, disaster or emergency within Colorado. In addition to the physical resources present at the Center, it also has strong virtual links with the Colorado Information Analysis Center (CIAC), federal agencies and local governments.

Inside the Facility

The 2,400-square-foot main room was specifically designed to meet the coordination and support needs of partner agencies. The design allows for multiple agency communication and coordination which provides support to local, regional, tribal, state, and federal agencies response to disaster emergencies. Associated facilities include a conference room, video teleconference capabilities, and specialized spaces for planning, logistics, communications and public information.

The SEOC has 64 workstations to accommodate emergency response and recovery coordinators, non-governmental organizations, and federal partners. Ten additional workstations are available in adjoining specialty support rooms.

A 36-screen configurable display array is the centerpiece of an audio-visual system that allows staff to maintain situational awareness and share information throughout the SEOC. The center can be used for training, exercises and meetings when not activated for an emergency.

Redundant communications enhance support of local response and recovery operations. In addition to regular telephone service, the communications room supports VHF, UHF and the state's Digital Trunked Radio System as well as three stations for amateur radio operators. Radio caches and satellite phones are available to support incidents across the state. Links the state and federal National Alert and Warning System and FEMA National Alert Radio System are also part of the communications system redundancy.

The SEOC supports the functions of a distributed Business Emergency Operations Center, allowing more effective communication and coordination with the private sector to respond to emergencies and ensure community recovery following a disaster.

Beyond supporting actual emergencies throughout the state, the SEOC supports local and regional exercises. The state itself conducts regular exercises of SEOC functions and capabilities.

Through partnerships with federal, state, tribal and local governments and the private sector, the MACC and SEOC ensure the highest level of protection and preparedness for the state and its community members.