Colorado Resource Rate Form (CRRF)

The CRRF is an integral part of the Colorado Resource Mobilization Plan. This plan is updated every two years.

Key Points of the Vetted CRRF Resources

  • The CRRF document is the only approved method to communicate equipment information to the state. It permits the local jurisdiction to determine what resources they own and wish to make available to assist in emergency response in state or across the nation.
  • The CRRF does not obligate response, it documents what equipment maybe available and what the equipment cost would be.
  • The CRRF does not replace any existing dispatch system or protocols
  • The CRRF is a living document, when an agency has changes to their equipment of offer, they must complete these changes in the system
  • All CRRF data must be validated on an annual basis between November 1 and December 31 in order to have the equipment searchable on the equipment board.

An electronic CRRF process exists in WebEOC and is completed by the cooperating agencies.

DHSEM Regional Field Managers and DFPC Battalion Chiefs are trained to assist agencies.

Individuals needing access to the Colorado All-Hazards Resource Database system need to complete an online account creation form.

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