The Communications Section is made up of several redundant communications systems in order to support the Multi-Agency Coordination Center/ State EOC under any circumstances. These systems range through all radio bands that include low, high, very high, ultra high, and 800 megahertz frequencies. This is supplemented by a full range of amateur radios and amateur radio operator support. Additionally, the communications section is equipped with the Colorado Crime Information Computer and federal and state National Alert Warning Systems dedicated telephone circuits. The MACC has also a full range of mobile radio equipment as well as cellular equipment.

The Colorado Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is active in the hazardous materials arena by supporting the Colorado Emergency Planning Commission (CEPC) the entity charged with implementation of the Superfund Amendment and Reauthorization Act - Title III - Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Act. Colorado OEM also manages US DOT Hazardous Materials Emergency Planning grant program that makes annual grants for all aspects of hazmat planning, exercising, and training. Colorado OEM remains proactive as well as reactive in the hazardous materials venue along with several other state and local agencies.

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