AFN Training Resources

This page shares access and functional needs (AFN) training resources and flyers.

AFN Training Catalog

  • Colorado DHSEM Access and Functional Needs Training Catalog
  • Spanish Access and Functional Needs Training Catalog
  • Save the Date AFN University Dates Flyer
    • This is a six day training opportunity from January 9 -11 and January 23 - 25.
    • Day 1: January 9 covers an introduction to the AFN resource framework in emergency management and the CMIST response teams
    • Day 2: January 10 covers CMIST response teams, language inclusion in emergency management and portable hearing loop training
    • Day 3: January 11 covers CMIT response team emergency response interpreters
    • Day 4: January 23 is the G197 Integrating Access and Functional Needs into Emergency Management course
    • Day 5: January 24 continues the G197 course
    • Day 6: January 25 covers the Colorado Emergency Preparedness Assessment core capabilities of CMIST and how to prepare for everything in CMIST disruptions

Recorded Training Sessions