The Salamander identification and credentialing program is available to all governmental agencies, special districts, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and voluntary organizations active in disasters (VOADs) in the state of Colorado. The system is supported by DHSEM and managed by the logistics section.

The goal of the program is to facilitate rapid incident identification through:

  • standardized identification cards for personnel and equipment 
  • a method to account for and track resources in an event

Expand the sections below for program documentation and resources.  For assistance or question contact the Colorado Salamander Support Team.

Salamander System Specific Guidance
Salamander System Specific Guidance
Salamander System Base Plan Document
Template Installer Update Procedure
How to Add Personnel Using Salamander
Explanation of Card Field and Source Data
How to Print Cards
ESF Credential Program Guidance
Emergency Support Function (ESF) Credential Program Guidance
ESF1: Transportation Personnel
ESF2: Communications Personnel
ESF3: Public Works Personnel
ESF4: Firefighting Personnel
ESF5: Emergency Operations Center Personnel
ESF5: Incident Management Team Personnel
ESF6: Mass Care, Housing and Human Services Personnel
ESF7: Logistics Personnel 
ESF8: Public Health and Medical Services Personnel
ESF9: Ground Search and Rescue Personnel
ESF9: Urban Search and Rescue Personnel
ESF10: Hazardous Materials Personnel
ESF11: Agriculture and Natural Resources Personnel
ESF12: Utilities Personnel 
ESF13: Law Enforcement Personnel [email for information]
ESF14: Long-Term Community Recovery Personnel
ESF15: Public Information and External Communications Personnel
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