Migrant Support Grant Application (ARPA Funding)

Program Information

The Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (DHSEM) will fund qualified social service organizations, both nonprofit, governmental or private, to provide humanitarian relief. These items would include a form of shelter, food, clothing, health care, navigation, transportation, volunteer and donations management, incident management, and wrap-around supportive services to migrant families and individuals who have recently entered the United States.

Special considerations will be given to qualified Non-Profit organizations with experience working with migrant or immigrant populations.

Grant agreements to qualified providers are not to exceed $1,750,000.00 per entity. This funding is estimated to cover up to 400 migrants for six weeks at a cost of approximately $139 per day per person, including infrastructure and wraparound services to move people from sheltering into more stable short-term housing and may include some mid-term housing. No costs beyond $139 per day per person will be reimbursable.

These funds are authorized and budgeted through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Funds, appropriated and otherwise made available pursuant to C.R.S. § 24-75-226.

Required Program Activities

  1. Housing Assistance Services
    • Provide immediate sheltering options to include costs related to leasing facilities, facility modifications to support sheltering options, additional utility costs, facility repair, and additional custodial and security services. Sheltering services must be provided at a minimum of seven days.
  2. Migrant Response Services
    • Essential services may include:
      • Sheltering
      • Feeding operations
      • Providing clothing
      • Health care
      • Navigation (case management)
      • Transportation
      • Volunteer and donations management
      • Incident management
      • Wrap-around supportive services
  3. Program Administration
    • Verify immigration status for individuals receiving assistance.
    • Daily logs/count of individuals staying at the shelter.
    • Weekly summary update to state grants manager regarding all activities.
    • Migrant support activities that are currently fully funded through other grants or sources specific to this response/mission.

Applicant Scoring

This program was created, primarily, to provide sheltering for migrants from the Southwest Border. Applications that demonstrate the ability to provide sheltering capability and wrap-around services to migrant families and individuals who have recently entered the United States that have been processed by the Department of Homeland Security for immigration purposes will score more highly on the application and increase their chance of an award.

Applicants may not use this funding to fund sheltering capacity for current non-migrant families or individuals. Applications must describe how the sheltering capacity is for the influx of migrants and does not displace the currently sheltered.

If an applicant can only provide some services (EG, can provide food but not sheltering) they are encouraged to work together with other organizations to complete a single application.

Due to the urgent nature of this response, this grant program has a rolling application period and applications can be reviewed and immediately awarded until all available funds are exhausted.

How To Apply

  1. Complete the application below.
  2. Provide a recently signed W-9.
  3. Send all documents by email to CDPS_SEOCFinance@state.co.us

Application Period 

The application period was closed on January 19, 2023. All funds have been allocated. 

Download and Edit the Migrant Support Grant Application