Course Coordination Process

Course Coordination Process

This process outlines the steps for requesting a course for local delivery through the DHSEM integrated preparedness program.  

Coordination Roles

Local Course Manager Role

  • Complete and submit Course Coordination Form to your training and exercise specialist.
  • Ensure the classroom is suitable for the course they are hosting. For example, the room holds the appropriate capacity and is equipped with audio/visual and Wi-Fi capabilities.
  • It is at the local course manager's discretion should they want to provide any hospitality, such as beverages and/or food.

Integrated Preparedness Specialist Role

  • Once the form(s) are received, the specialist will contact the local course manager to complete course coordination.  
  • The course will be created in CO.Train, a DHSEM flyer will be created to advertise the course, and the course will be added to the DHSEM training and exercise calendar.
  • Prior to course delivery, the specialist will send out an electronic link to course attendees to access student manuals and/or any additional course information.
  • The course roster and evaluations will be sent to the local course manager piror to course delivery.

Instructor Role

  • Ensure they are properly equipped to deliver the course.
  • If the instructor requires any additional course support or materials, this must be coordinated with the local course manager, and/or the regional training and exercise specialist at least 30 days prior to the course.    
  • Upon course completion, the instructor is responsible for submitting all rosters (for each day the course is held) and course evaluations to the regional training and exercise specialist.  The training and exercise specialist will notify you if any additional documentation is needed.

Student Role

Effective August 1, 2019, DHSEM will be replacing the current COTrain certificate with an updated certificate. With this change, we will be discontinuing the paper evaluations and replacing them with online evaluations. After completion of each course verification, you will now see an evaluation pending. Once you have completed your evaluation, you will have immediate access to your certificate.

In order to receive notifications that your evaluation is pending and other course updates, you must opt-in to receive email notifications from COTrain. COTrain will not spam you and will only provide notification of course status or any other types of emails you opt in to. If you have any questions regarding these changes, please contact the DHSEM COTrain Administrator or state training officer for additional information.