Course Coordination Process

This process outlines the step-by-step instructions for completing and submitting a DHSEM Course Coordination Request form.

Course Coordination Process

  1. Access the Form: DHSEM Course Coordination Request form. This form is required for all courses.  The level of state support is determined by the responses, some requests may not need support but we encourage your submission so we can post the offering on the DHSEM Training Dashboard.
  2. Information Input: Fill out the form with accurate and detailed information about the course, including the course date, full address for the location, duration, and any specific course coordination requirements.
  3. Submit the Form: Once the form is completed, submit it.  Your course submission is automatically sent to your IP Region Specialist and added to our course tracking spreadsheet.  A confirmation receipt of the submission will be sent back to you to ensure it has been properly received.

We request that the form be completed and submitted a minimum of 90 days before the requested scheduled course start date. Early submission allows for comprehensive advertising and complete coordination of course support.  If less than 90 Days, seek assistance from your Regional IP Specialist. They can aid in coordinating the course efficiently despite the tighter timeline. 

Following these steps allows for efficient coordination and support for the proposed course.

Course request and process demonstrated on a timeline of 90 days out to the day of the course.

Course Attendance Coordination

Instructors will submit a Course Attendance Coordination form. The objective of this form is to enable the primary or lead course instructor to submit the course attendance roster within seven (7) days following the course's conclusion, streamlining the participant validation process. Those course participants opting not to complete the course evaluation will receive their course certificate approximately 30 days after the submission of the course roster for validation.

Lodging Requests

At the discretion of the DHSEM State Training Officer and compliance with grant guidelines, lodging accommodations are often available for training. Use the Lodging Request Form to request assistance with lodging. 

If your residence is located fifty (50) miles or more from the training location, or if deemed necessary by the State Training Officer or their designee, the Integrated Preparedness Coordinator will arrange lodging.  While attending the course, you are considered to be on state business, and government rates, which are discounted rates for government employees on official business, apply. Most properties will require a copy of the tax-exempt certificate upon check-in.

It is important to note that DHSEM cannot cover personal expenses charged to the room. You must provide a personal credit card at check-in for incidentals. If you decide to extend your stay beyond the approved days for personal or business reasons, DHSEM will not be responsible for payment of the additional days. Any additional requests or guests in your room incurring extra charges will be your responsibility. Upon the completion of your stay you must review the receipt for any charges and clear up any taxes with the front desk before leaving the property.  Then email the property receipt to the DHSEM IPP Team .  It is your responsibility to clear up these charges or you may be responsible for reimbursement to the state.

DHSEM cannot reimburse a property stay that you have arranged.  It must be preauthorized through the Integrated Preparedness Coordinator with the submission of a purchase authorization.