Cybersecurity HSAC Subcommittee

The Cybersecurity Advisory Committee (CAC) is a subcommittee of Colorado's Homeland Security and All-Hazards Senior Advisory Committee (HSAC) dedicated to providing feedback and guidance for statewide cybersecurity priorities and efforts. 

The revamped CAC operates now as a blend of the Whole of State Working Group and the original HSAC Cybersecurity Subcommittee in an effort to formalize diverse representation of local voices and perspectives across Colorado. The CAC continues the work outlined by the original Whole of State Working Group such as feedback and guidance on newer initiatives developed to address new dynamics such as cybersecurity funding and goal implementation. 


The CAC is representative of a diverse set of jurisdictions (size, location, type) across the State of Colorado that has different levels of cybersecurity resources and access to resources. Voting members include: 

  • Chair, Ben Edelen:  Boulder County,  Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
  • Secretary, Thomas Johnson: Grand County CISO
  • Brandon Beaudette:  Roaring Fork School District, Director of Technology
  • Craig Hurter: Colorado Office of Information Technology, Director of Security Operations
  • Eric Bates:  West Metro Fire Rescue, Director of Information Technology
  • Eric Dowdy:  Fort Collins-Loveland Water District, IT and Data/Systems Manager
  • Daniel Dockendorf: Adams School District K-12
  • David Cutler: Colorado National Guard
  • Dolgio Nergui: Ouray County, Systems Administrator
  • Gretchen Bliss: University of Colorado Colorado Springs, Director of Cybersecurity Program and Mountain West Cybersecurity Consortium, Chair
  • Jay Britt:  City of Greeley, Security Analyst
  • Jill Fraser, Colorado Office of Information Technology
  • Joe Milliken:  City of Westminster, CISO
  • Joshua Creese: Vail Health, Network Engineer
  • JR Noble:  South Metro Fire Rescue, Senior Systems and Security Analyst
  • Anthony Davis: Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
  • Marcus Bagley: Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
  • Michelle Deland: North Central Region Healthcare Coalition, Executive Director
  • Rich Schliep: Secretary of State’s Office, Chief Technology Officer
  • Robert Losinski: Denver Public School District
  • Shane McGuinness:  Gunnison County Electric Association, Systems Administrator
  • Susan Halterman:  Teller County, Network Administrator


The purpose of the cyber subcommittee is to make Colorado the most prepared, connected, and resilient state in the country with respect to cyber security threats. We seek to advance and interconnect the cyber security postures of all Colorado state, local, tribal, and territorial (SLTT) and critical infrastructure communities.

We will develop guidance, intelligence, priorities and other products that directly address cyber security as an all-hazards domain. We will approach this as a whole-of-state issue. No Colorado community will be left behind.  Through collaborative and innovative efforts, the cyber subcommittee is charged with sharing our capabilities and knowledge with the HSAC to ensure that early warning systems, strong safeguards, and graceful recovery are available to all communities in the State of Colorado. 

Efforts include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Carrying out and managing tasks related to the cybersecurity goals in the 2019-2023 Colorado Homeland Security Strategy (CHSS)
  • Reporting progress of CHSS tasks and objectives to the HSAC on a quarterly basis
  • Researching how to get the basics right in cyber security from local, state, federal jurisdictions, non-profit, private sector entities and other institutions
  • Researching and making recommendations based on emerging threats and trends in cybersecurity
  • Recommending policy and procedures that improve cyber security across the State of Colorado
  • Making policy recommendations to the Governor’s Cyber Security Council
  • Developing recommendations for training and education in the areas where cyber security, homeland security, and emergency management intersect
  • Connecting security leaders and ideas from all Colorado communities to encourage strategic partnerships and innovative lines of effort

Meeting Information

The CAC meets every first Wednesday of the month from 10 - 11 a.m.  Click the accordion links below to expand for information on meetings. We strive to ensure inclusive, accessible meetings that enable all individuals to engage fully. 


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