Key Point of Contacts

Division Program Point of Contacts


Area Point of Contact Email Telephone
Division Director's Office      
Division Director Kevin Klein kevin.klein@state.co.us 303-239-4655
Division Deputy Director Vacant TBD TBD
Support Services Section Vacant TBD TBD
Strategic Communications Micki Trost micki.trost@state.co.us 303-472-4087
CIAC Director Kevin McElyea kevin.mcelyea@state.co.us 303-239-5843
CIAC Deputy Director Kristina Bomba kristina.bomba@state.co.us 303-239-4382
CIAC Deputy Director Devon Rhoads devon.rhoads@state.co.us 303-963-6971
Watch Center   WatchCenter@state.co.us 877-509-2422
Suspicious Activity Report -SAR Website Link cdps_ciac@state.co.us 877-509-2422
Office of Emergency Management      
Office Director Mike Willis mike.willis@state.co.us 720-852-6694
Field Operations Section Website Link    
Field Services Manager Trevor Denney trevor.denney@state.co.us 970-247-7674
Area Field Manager Mark Boley mark.boley@state.co.us 720-415-4502
Area Field Manager Kevin Kuretich kevin.kuretich@state.co.us 970-290-5480
East Service Area Cory Stark cory.stark@state.co.us 720-737-4315
Central Service Area Meredith Nichols meredith.nichols@state.co.us 720-749-7064
Southwest and Tribal Nations Service Area Tom Mcnamara thomas.mcnamara@state.co.us 720-749-7057
San Luis Valley Service Area David Osborn david.osborn@state.co.us 719-587-5213
South Service Area Christe Coleman christe.coleman@state.co.us 970-250-0440
West Service Area Bobbie Lucero bobbie.lucero@state.co.us 970-846-3912
Southeast Service Area Riley Frazee riley.frazee@state.co.us 719-510-2388
Northeast Service Area Bob Heldenbrand bob.heldenbrand@state.co.us 720-602-5344
Northwest Service Area Cailee Hamm cailee.hamm@state.co.us 303-918-1131
North Service Area Nowell Curran nowell.curran@state.co.us 720-595-6122
Preparedness Section      
Planning Ethan Williams ethan.williams@state.co.us 720-237-8484
Integrated Preparedness Lynn Bailey lynn.bailey@state.co.us 720-287-9741
State Emergency Operations Center Section      
Operations Chris Sorensen chris.sorensen@state.co.us 720-413-6184
Mitigation Section      
Mitigation Mark Thompson markw.thompson@state.co.us 720-630-0770
Recovery Section      
State Recovery Officer Jim Raymond james.raymond@state.co.us 303-870-4827
Office of Grants Management      
Office Director Michael Haney michael.haney@state.co.us 303-594-0572
Grants Management and Reporting Section Yung Pham Yung.Pham@state.co.us 303-968-4574
Subrecipient Monitoring Section Justine Willman justine.willman@state.co.us 720-595-6119
Preparedness Grants and Contracts Section Larisa Cannon larisa.cannon@state.co.us 303-913-6280
Recovery Grants Supervisor vacant vacant  
Public Assistance Supervisor vacant vacant  
CBDG-DR (Acting) vacant vacant  
School Emergency Response Section Supervisor Austin Geddis austin.geddis@state.co.us 720-519-5818