Director's Office Organizational Chart

The deputy director is responsible for the general administrative management of the division. This includes reviewing, updating and developing policies and procedures, leading strategic initiatives, projects, staff development and engagement and the division’s strategic planning.  In addition, the COS Office is responsible for internal and external communications and stakeholder outreach. Sections within the Chief of Staff’s Office support all other division offices, sections and units.

Support Services Section

This section is responsible for the development, update and maintenance of the division’s policy and procedures related to organizational management including the DHSEM Strategic Plan and related performance metrics, other strategic and cross divisional project, policy, rules and procedures, policy support for the Homeland Security and All-Hazards Committee (HSAC) and internal staff professional and career development.

  • Human Resources/ Division Policy Support: HR/Policy support is the main liaison between the division and Colorado Department of Public Safety (CDPS) Human Resources and coordinates policy and procedure and rule development for the division.
  • Professional Development Support: Professional Development support is responsible for internal staff development through training, professional development and career pathing and is the administrator of the division’s distance management learning system (SABA).
  • Support Services Support: Staff are responsible for equipment inventory including cell phones, computers and other telecommunications equipment; and general logistical support for the division.

Strategic Communications and Outreach Section

This section is responsible for communications with external stakeholders, media and the public. Supports the division’s four websites (DHSEM, MARS, and COEmergency), multiple social media channels and digital platforms. Provides support to local and state public information officers (PIOs). This section is also responsible for internal communications, marketing and supporting critical partnerships. This section provides administrative support to the Mineral office location. Section Director acts as the lead PIO for all Colorado State Emergency Operations Center activations/activities.

  • Communications Support: This unit provides internal communications and marketing/ graphic design support to the division. This section supports the DHSEM intranet, employee newsletters and information sharing, staff meetings and other branding and marketing division needs. 
  • External Communications and Public Information supported by this unit, including digital information sharing through social media, websites and community information sharing.

Director's Office Organizational Chart

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