Reimbursement Information

The DHSEM logistics section facilitates the reimbursement process for all requests processed through the State EOC.

Reimbursement Process Completion of the In-State Reimbursement Workbook

  1. Ensure all supporting documentation is included
  2. Email the workbook and all documentation to the logistics section for review
  3. Logistics performs the first review and requests more information as necessary
  4. Packet is forwarded to DHSEM Finance for initial review
  5. DHSEM Finance completes the second review
  6. Payment is authorized
  7. Payment via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is preferred, or a hard check is cut and mailed

The following documents are required after demobilization from an incident.  Please note that you must download and use the workbook as an excel document. Do not open or transfer to google sheets as it will impact the formulas formatted into the document.