iOS 17 Feature “NameDrop” Feature Facts

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The NameDrop feature in Apple’s latest operating system update has created a lot of coverage across social media and we would like to share some of the facts behind the updated feature.


iOS 17 is Apple’s seventeenth and current major release of its operating system for iPhone devices. The operating system was released publicly on September 18, 2023.


NameDrop allows users to exchange contact information with one another by positioning their iOS 17 iPhone devices close together. This feature requires the device owners consent to transmit contact



NameDrop is enabled by default on iPhones that are updated to the latest version of the iPhone operating system - iOS 17.


When NameDrop is turned on, two iPhone users can activate the feature by holding the top ends of their smartphones together. Users are then presented with their contact card and have the option to

“Receive Only” the other users contact information or “Share” their contact information to the other user. A user’s contact information cannot be transmitted without their consent. Users also have the

ability to select the contact information that they want to share, this information comes from the contact card of the owner of the device.



Users can interrupt the NameDrop process by pressing the home button or swiping up from the bottom of the screen on applicable devices. 


Additionally, this process can be interrupted by pressing the lock button on the device or removing their device from the proximity of the other device.


NameDrop will only share contact information when:

• Device screen is on

• Device is unlocked

• User consents to transmit contact information


Once the participating devices are no longer in immediate proximity of each other the NameDrop session will be terminated.


To disable this feature on your iOS 17 iPhone navigate to Settings > General > Airdrop and toggle off “Bringing Devices Together” under the “Start Sharing By” submenu.


Additionally, organizations can restrict the use of AirDrop for

devices or apps being managed by using mobile device

management (MDM) solution.7


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