Incident Management Teams

The purpose of an incident management team (IMT)is to assist any Colorado jurisdiction confronted with an incident beyond its capabilities in either complexity or duration. An IMT provides capabilities to an all-hazards incident that can facilitate a robust management framework to support jurisdiction in stabilizing or bringing an incident to the conclusion. Also, an IMT maintains the ability to support the incident as it escalates in complexity or duration requiring a more capable IMT to take over.

In Colorado, an IMT provides a support role for the local incident command structure when an incident has exceeded the capabilities of a jurisdiction. The jurisdiction requesting the assistance of an IMT, known as the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ), defines the IMT's role with support from state representatives providing technical support and assistance through delegated authorities. An AHJ can include a local jurisdiction, state or federal agencies.

Colorado Type 3 Incident Management Teams

Colorado Incident Management Team Contact Information

  • Drew Petersen, Colorado Incident Management Team Program Manager
  • Trevor Denney, DHSEM Field Services Supervisor
  • Media Inquiries: Micki Trost, DHSEM Strategic Communications Director