DHSEM Releases 2018 Interstate Incident Management Qualification System (IIMQS)

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During the July 2020 Homeland Security and All-Hazards Senior Advisory Committee (HSAC) meeting, the State of Colorado formally adopted the 2018 Interstate Incident Management Qualification System (IIMQS) as the new state guidance to administer the Colorado All-Hazards Incident Management Team (AHIMT) Position Task Book Program.

The 2018 IIMQS aligns Colorado to current nationally recognized AHIMT qualification standards. This unified criterion ensures both the requesting community and providing entity receive qualified incident management personnel.

The 2018 IIMQS replaces the 2016 version, clarifying IMT position-specific qualification standards, process and aligns with the FEMA National Qualification System best practices. The adoption was supported by the Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (DHSEM), Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control, state certified Type-3 AHIMTs, state position task book work group and the HSAC IMT Subcommittee. With the recent adoption, Colorado joins 14 other states and entities that implemented the 2018 IIMQS.

As a companion, the State of Colorado Appendices to the 2018 IIMQS was signed by the Colorado Office of Emergency Management Director Mike Willis. The appendices set forth state expectations, procedures and guidelines for the Colorado AHIMT Position Task Book certification process.

Both documents can be found on the DHSEM website and will become effective starting August 1, 2020.