School Access For Emergency Response (SAFER) Grant Allocations Announced

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Here is an announcement related to competitive funding results.

On June 15 the Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management\'s Office of Grants Management announced that the State of Colorado legislature allocated $4,859,788 for the 2020 School Access For Emergency Response (SAFER) Grant Program. This year, of the twenty-one applicants who submitted for this competitive funding opportunity, ten local education providers were selected to receive funding. Thank you to all of those who applied for 2020 SAFER.

Everyone is eligible to apply again next year. The funding announcement for 2021 SAFER will be in the first calendar quarter of 2021, and we will reach out to you then.

2020 Recipient Selection

The grant selection committee has selected:

  • Lewis Palmer #38 $642,628.00
  • Adams 12 Star $20,970.00
  • Cherry Creek $972,650.00
  • Manitou Springs $337,726.00
  • Lake County R-1 $398,671.00
  • Adams 14 $640,797.00
  • Clear Creek $398,810.00
  • Flagstaff Academy $91,297.00
  • Buena Vista $398,949.00
  • Pikes Peak BOCES $957,290.00

Decision Notification

This memorandum constitutes notification of an agency decision. Any request for reconsideration should be sent to by June 25, 2020. For more information, please visit: