Letter to Colorado Emergency Management Partners Requesting Mutual Aid

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January 4, 2023

Dear Partners:

Colorado has a proud history of neighbors helping neighbors during times of crisis and disasters through the strong relationships that our communities have with each other. We lean on each other time and time again in times of need and today our communities face a new desperate challenge. We need your help.

Colorado faces a non-traditional humanitarian crisis, one that perhaps doesn’t fit our more conventional paradigms, but is a crisis nonetheless. Over the last several weeks, the number of migrants from the southwest border coming to our state has increased dramatically with the epicenter of this crisis in Denver. The hard-working people of non-governmental organizations and the City and County of Denver have done commendable work to protect the lives and safety
of these migrants, but they are rapidly reaching the breaking point.

This week, the State is beginning the transition with Denver to assume the coordination of migrant intake, processing, and transportation coordination to help migrants reach their final destination with family or friends. The State will also coordinate donations management. The Rose Community Foundation will coordinate philanthropic efforts to support migrants.

Still, more is needed. We ask that you continue our long Colorado tradition of providing assistance in times of need. Please consider providing members of your staff and volunteers to support sheltering operations, operations center support and migrant intake and health screening. Please coordinate any aid you can provide with Denver OEM.

Thank you for your consideration,

Director Michael Willis, Colorado Office of Emergency Management

Director Chantal Unfug, Colorado Department of Local Affairs 


Copy of letter sent to local partners