Press Release

USDA Designates 23 Colorado Counties as Primary Disaster Area Due to Drought Condition

The State of Colorado received a letter from USDA Secretary Thoams J. Vilksack for the following natural disaster declaration: 

In accordance with 7 CFR 759.5(a), I am designating 23 Colorado counties as primary natural disaster areas due to a recent drought.

According to the U.S. Drought Monitor (see, these counties suffered from a drought intensity value during the growing season of 1) D2 Drought-Severe for 8 or more consecutive weeks or 2) D3 Drought-Extreme or D4 Drought-Exceptional.

Register Today: Colorado Preventing Targeted Violence (CO-PTV) Community Forum

This event provides community members with information on targeted violence, the risk factors and drivers of targeted violence, how to report concerning behavior and resources for prevention. A panel of local and
federal law enforcement representatives, behavior health experts and community organizations will discuss their work in the area of preventing targeted violence and field questions from members of the community.

School Access for Emergency Response (SAFER) Grant Announcement with May 12, 2023 Deadline

The Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management is happy to announce the availability of funds through the School Access for Emergency Response (SAFER) Grant Program created by the Colorado State Legislature’s SB18-158. The SAFER Program provides funding for interoperable communication hardware, software, equipment maintenance and training to allow for seamless communications between existing school communications systems and first responder communications systems.

March 10 Deadline Announcement for FEMA’s FY2024 Congressionally Directed Spending (CDS) Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM) Program

Colorado Communities have the opportunity to fund shovel-ready and cost-effective mitigation projects through FEMA’s FY2024 Congressionally Directed Spending (CDS) Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM) Program. Governments with a FEMA-approved hazard mitigation plan may request funding for projects eligible under FEMA’s Hazard Mitigation Assistance programs. Please reach out to the offices of Senator Bennet, Senator Hickenlooper, and your Congressional Representative to make the initial request. If your project is selected, you will formally apply through DHSEM to FEMA in early 2024.

2022 Preventing Identity-Based Violence Grant Program Awards Announced

DHSEM is pleased to announce the awards for the State of Colorado's Legislature allocated $916,908 for the 2022 Preventing Identity-Based Violence (PIBV) Grant Program.  Two community-based nonprofits and one education entity partnering with community-based nonprofits were selected to receive funding as directed by HB22-1234.  Thank you to all of those who applied for the 2022 PIBV Grant Program. 

Letter to Colorado Emergency Management Partners Requesting Mutual Aid

January 4, 2023

Dear Partners:

Colorado has a proud history of neighbors helping neighbors during times of crisis and disasters through the strong relationships that our communities have with each other. We lean on each other time and time again in times of need and today our communities face a new desperate challenge. We need your help.