Governor's Cybersecurity Council

The council was created by the 2016 Colorado General Assembly in HB 16-1453 and housed within the Department of Public Safety.  The council supports the development of goals and policy direction for cybersecurity initiatives in the State of Colorado.  

In 2021, HB 21-1236 revamped the makeup of the council and its focus in Colorado Revised Statute 24-33.5-1902. The new language shifted the focus of the council to directly support the Colorado Whole of State Cybersecurity efforts and planning activities to improve Colorado’s overall cybersecurity posture.


The council operates as a steering group to develop cybersecurity policy guidance for the governor; develop comprehensive sets of prioritized goals, requirements, initiatives and milestones; and coordinates with the General Assembly and the Judicial Branch regarding cybersecurity as deemed necessary and appropriate by the council.


The council represents a variety of state agencies and local perspectives.

  • Kevin Klein: Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (DHSEM), Director
  • Kevin McElyea:  DHSEM, Colorado Information Analysis Center, Director
  • Ray Yepes: Office of Information Technology, CISO
  • Anthony Neal-Graves: Office of Information Technology, CIO
  • Rich Schliep: Colorado Secretary of State, Chief Technology Officer
  • Dalia Ritvo: Colorado Offices of the Attorney General, Assistant Attorney General
  • Ralph Gagliardi: Colorado Bureau of Investigation, Agent-in-Charge, Identity Theft/Cyber Crimes
  • Lawrence Duran: Colorado Public Utilities Commission, Risk Assessment Specialist
  • Meghan MacKillop: Colorado Municipal League, Legislative & Policy Advocate
  • Ben Edelen: Boulder County, CISO
  • Jill Fraser: Jefferson County, CISO
  • Jake Klearman:  Eagle County, CISO 

Meeting Information

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Meeting Agenda, Handouts and Information

June 6, 2017: Meeting Minutes